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We solemnly promise to you:

A, quality assurance
1, in the production of a process is under the procedures of the supplier, we Cengcengbaguan, to prevent bad goods flowing into the next link.
2, in the production of defective products once found, should find out the reasons, infer other things from one fact, avoid to happen again, to ensure that every products are quality.
3, all products even in the inspection of goods found to have quality problems, we are still guaranteed unconditional replacement.

Two, the delivery cycle
1, after the contract is signed, 5-7 days of delivery.
2, special circumstances can express general 3-5 days, but combined with the production department specific production circumstances.

Three, delivery service
1, Guangzhou City: we can provide free sample, free delivery service.
2, other provinces and cities: we will be based on your choice of the mode of transport shipping agents, freight and insurance fee will be borne by you.

Four, clearing and settlement services
1, customers in Guangzhou: after the signing of the contract by customers in advance to pay 30% deposit, inspection qualified after payment delivery.
2, foreign customers: after the signing of the contract by customers in advance to pay 50% deposit, balance paid after delivery or customer on-site inspection without the quality of payment.
3, the mode of payment: you can choose to pay cash, bank cheque, bank transfer, online banking payment.

Five, other statement
1, involving the customer knowledge property of commercial secrets of the products, we promise to take strict security measures to protect the interests of customers.
2 product, the customer has paid, we are free for customer retention and maintenance of 5 years.
3, all the products we produce, the customer does not have special requirements, we retain the online display or for the sample right.

Note: the detailed terms and matters not see "concrete" purchase contract.

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