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A product consultation.
1, welcomed the new and old customers to browse this website product picture, with the intention to do what kind of effect, please contact with our company, the personnel of the service, if the picture of the site is not suitable for their own desired effect, can tell us directly.

The two artwork confirmation and quotation:
1 design styles, please design picture you complete or you want to do the design elements, to our customer service, customer service staff will be based on the results you want, targeted spread some pictures for your reference, or design element for your company give some suggestion scheme, in order to achieve the best results.
2, look at the sample if you want to see the real kind words, please contact the company customer service staff, to arrange a time to visit my factory or exhibition look like, if not, our company will send business door-to-door service.
The 3 quote styles after the confirmation, please put the number and size of your company needs (or we recommend size), tell us the specific requirements and the badge, or by my company Ltd will offer advice, according to the specific requirements of the production cycle, and inform the

The signing of the contract three.
The communication between the two sides is correct, we will first issue a electronic contract to you your confirmation of our relevant personnel after stamp signature, according to the fax sent to you.

Four, the performance of the contract
The two parties of the contract to fulfill the contract, complete delivery.
Quality is the eternal theme of enterprise is the enterprise survival and the fundamental, credibility!

1, the products of this factory does not provide retail services, please understanding.
2, if the finished product delivery of any damage or not in conformity with the sample of specifications and quality, our company is responsible for free replacement.

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